The Commitment

Your Vote for a Healthy Planet

The Commitment is a charity that started to use people’s concerns about climate change – regardless of their political leanings – and package them and take them to local MPs to influence climate policy change at the governmental level. We partnered with The Commitment to increase their exposure via Paid Ad management on Facebook, spreading the good word on climate to hundreds of thousands and influencing local UK elections in Dumbarton, Derby and the West Midlands.

We single-handedly repackaged their online form into a lead form, making it seamless for users to complete via Facebook or Instagram. We researched political campaigns rigorously and adopted techniques to communicate with users efficiently to promote action. Over 9+ months, we’ve earned over 10,000 Commitments, continually driving the Cost per Conversion down and created the most engaging piece of social-first video content for them to aid us in our efforts.

86% reduction in Cost per Conversion, 10,000+ Commitments achieved