Kibbo Kift Agency’s mission is to recycle ex-agency expert talent in innovative ways to promote a shift in psyche that will persuade people to think before they consume.

Headed up by Sam Narr - a 2 x Drum Marketing Award-winning creative who comes equipped with 7+ years of PR and social experience from London's biggest agencies - the fluid operation relies on an expert network of specialist consultants for campaign execution.



We structure our pricing the same way a direct-to-consumer brand would price their products – ensuring the same level of service for a cheaper cost.

Our Team

Kibbo Kift Agency operates as a co-operative for its staff, integrating remotely with their client teams for total agility - all for the benefit of a lower and fairer cost to service for our clients.

Sam Narr

Founder & CEO

The big dairy-free cheese, juggling press outreach, social strategy and new biz pitches to a soundtrack of acid jazz and Monocle 24. Fiendish reader of the papes and obsessed with Giles Peterson…

Gracie Bennett

PR Account Manager

...Giles Peterson’s family friend. Nepotism? As if; Gracie’s the toast of London and the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to arts press, and that’s not us buttering her up.

daniel somner

PR Account Manager

The tastemaker of the group, Dan knows every fashion editor under The Sun, plus those much better outlets that we all prefer. Gets press hits before the rest of us have eaten our muesli.

kyle macneill


The silver-tongued wordsmith of the operation, but that might be from constantly chewing on the end of a rotting pencil when looking up synonyms for ‘great’.

dan mason

Head of Paid Digital

A social ads machine, always ready to make a good impression: and likely, according to the latest stats, at least a thousand more of them per quid.

james harvey

European PR Manager

Berlin-based PR with enviable style experience and schmoozing skills. Handles our European clients and makes us feel like Brexit never happened.

WE proudLY donate 5% of profits

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