SMR Days

Luxury Menswear Supporting Indian Artisans & Craftsmen

As a newly-launched luxury menswear brand that supports that finest craftsmen and women in India, SMR Days needed assistance managing their social media channels with social-specific content creation and meticulously planned, data-driven ownership of their Instagram and Paid Ad strategy activity to reinforce their synonymity with sangrias, sandy toes and sunshine in ultimate style.

Over 12+ months, we’ve maintained an average engagement rate of 4.5%, which is far higher than the industry average for fashion brands of 0.7-1% - all while increasing their social media following by approximately 450%. Our paid ad management has delivered an average checkout conversion ROI of 5.2, targeting countries across the globes sunniest spots.

4.5% engagement rate, Average Initiated Checkout Conversion of 5.2. Channel increase of 450%.