Action Speaks Louder

Holding Global Camera Manufacturer Canon to Account for Climate Denial

We provided consultancy on media strategy to successfully launch the photography competition and implemented global media outreach to raise awareness of the campaign and Canon's climate denial.

Canon (the camera company) has an internal think tank, the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS), pushing out climate denial in Japan and elsewhere. The company is, unfortunately, a major block on Japan's energy transition, given its CEO's influence in the main business lobby. It labelled the climate crisis as 'fake news' and compared Greta Thunberg to a communist, as reported in The Guardian. Most recently, Canon has cut its climate target by 50%. In response, we worked with pressure group Action Speaks Louder and their Japanese team trying to receive a commitment from Canon to stop spreading climate misinformation. We did this by launching a global photography competition calling for nature-themed images to mount pressure on Canon ahead of its AGM shareholder meeting in Tokyo. The winning image was displayed on a billboard in Times Square, New York City.

We generated a total of 22 pieces of coverage in publications across the UK, US, Italy and Germany in La Repubblica, Gizmodo, Corriere, influential photography publication PetaPixel and many more, with a total MUU (unique monthly visits) of 317,306,200. Our coverage had real world impact and inspired 1,000+ user message on a reddit thread and responses to articles in comments sections.