Climate Science Translated

Comedians and Climate Scientists Collide to Communicate the Climate Crisis

The Climate Science Translated team were gearing up production to launch two new videos that paired Dr. Fredi Otto with Nish Kumar and Prof Mark Maslin with comedy icon Jo Brand. The aim for these unexpected pairings was for the comedians to translate the pressing climate crisis message as our research told us that nobody (including mainstream media) is listening to them.

Assisting the team in research gathering ahead of the video launch, we commissioned national polling research to unveil headline statistics such as three-quarters (75%) of the public don’t believe governments are doing enough to tackle the climate crisis, less than 2% of the British public can name a climate scientist, and a staggering 92% of climate scientists surveyed and 71% of the public are worried about their children’s future on the planet. Armed with this research, we then sold in the videos to national media.

We achieved extensive coverage for Climate Science Translated, with over 360 million impressions online and in UK broadcast media, in titles such as Good Morning Britain, Forbes, The New Statesman, Business Insider, LBC and more.